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Classic Series

With Rodgers Classic Series, you can enjoy an affordable high-quality organ in your home, recording studio, or church. Rodgers Classic Series organs deliver a richly textured pipe organ sound designed around American Guild of Organist (AGO) standard console design. The flexibility and value of the Classic Series makes it ideal for recitals, weddings, and service playing.

The American made Rodgers Classic Series organ is packed with an unexpected array of modern features. From the onboard Hymn Player with 350 commonly played hymn tunes to the 32-note velocity-sensitive pedalboard for expressive orchestral effects, the Classic Series offers the sound, value, and flexibility that you are looking for in a small organ.

Classic Series 559

The Classic Series 559 features 2 keyboard manuals with lighted tab controls and premium locking rolltop. A stunning array of tonal possibilities is available thanks to the standard extended orchestral library and expanded voicing menus. Plus with Rodgers’ unique 32-note velocity-sensitive radiating concave pedalboard you’ll have the ability to play expressive orchestral sounds such as timpani.

Classic Series 569

The Classic Series 569 features 2 keyboard manuals with lighted tab controls, premium locking rolltop, and music desk lamp. The 569 model includes all of the outstanding features available on the Classic Series 559 and adds 5 configurable toe pistons and divided expression, which allows you to configure one shoe as a Crescendo pedal, for an additional level of flexibility.

Dedicated to Moving Hearts & Souls

Since 1958, Rodgers has been committed to heightening the spiritual experience of audiences with the transformational power of music. Rodgers organs not only capture the essence of American pipe organ sound, they have led the way in making organs more accessible to places of worship, universities, music schools, and enthusiasts around the world.