Music lifts the spirit and transports people out of their everyday concerns. Sometimes the desire for musical expression results in something exceptional, as is the case at Johannus. For this desire we have invented an instrument that will change the organ world forever. We are organ builders driven by a passionate desire to create beauty. In our endeavour to create the perfect organ we often listen to and draw inspiration from famous pipe organs. The road to success has been long. We spent more than twenty-five years working on a dream. We sought to master the many features of the pipe organ. We recreated the effects we were seeking using highresolution samples, computer chips and advanced software. And then… all of a sudden we heard the sound of a monumental pipe organ! It was rooted in the sound of a Johannus Organ but it wasn’t a Johannus – resounding even more authentically with the spirit of the old masters.

Organ builders and organists came from far and wide to admire our achievement. They acknowledged that the Monarke organ has ushered in a new era in organ building. The organ builders of the past created not only an unmatchable sound, but were also extremely accomplished cabinet makers. We pay tribute to them in that respect, for each Monarke organ is an outstanding example of masterful craftsmanship. Maybe you find this hard to believe. It is understandable given the claims made these days. So why not come and listen with your own ears – like the many famous organists before you. We guarantee that you will be convinced! 

King of Instruments

The organ is the King of Instruments. Under the hands of the organist it comes to life. Organ flutes, principals, strings and reeds all perform in perfect harmony to create that exquisite timbre, that overwhelming sound. When we established Monarke back in 1980 we were determined to match the majestic sound of the pipe organ with uncompromising technology. Since then we have built thousands of Monarke organs and installed them in churches, concert halls, music schools and homes all over the world.



In nature silence is sometimes almost audible – amidst the rustle of leaves, the sway of the grass, the sweep of a cow’s tail… The organ begins to breathe. Impressive, captivating sounds fill the air – harmonious, natural, authentic. The natural quality of the sound of a Monarke organ is based on years of research and development – years of in-depth study of the most effective recording and reproduction techniques, acoustic possibilities, tuning and choice of style. This led to the creation of a unique new organ that is clearly on par with a pipe organ. An organ with its own unique sound and exquisite casework made with only the most beautiful types of wood – the Monarke organ.



The people who work for Monarke are passionate about building organs. A team of designers, cabinet makers, sound engineers and musicians harmoniously create unique instruments time and time again. Each Monarke organ is individually created based on customer requirements. The instrument is carefully fine-tuned to its environment. This makes a Monarke organ beautiful to look at and great to listen to.



The sonorous sound of the organ rouses the emotions, quiets the mind and elevates the soul. The organist knows it, feels it, and hears it. In churches, auditoriums and concert halls Monarke organs create the same effect as a full pipe organ. Keyboards, pedals, stop knobs… everything is perfect. But above all it is the sound that is utterly convincing. The quality of the sound is the key – the sound of the organ in all of its fullness. Monarke organs are the ultimate alternative to the classical pipe organ.