Johannus is one of the greatest designers and builders of digital home and church organs in the world. The company was established by Hans Versteegt in 1968. His mission was to make church organs affordable and accessible for a broad public. Up until today, his mission has been the starting point of all organs designed and built by Johannus.

In addition, the company locates itself within the centuries old European church organ tradition, which facilitates a good understanding of the unparalleled dynamics of the pipe organ. Nowhere else than in Europe is it so easy to walk into a church and be overwhelmed by the sounds of the authentic pipe organ. This is how it has been for centuries.

In 1987, Gert van de Weerd took over the company which he then sold to his sons Marco and René van de Weerd after a period of growth. They have led Johannus since 2009. In recent years, the organ company has acquired a more international character, exporting its organs now to over 100 countries

Brand Identity

Johannus is the undisputed market leader in Europe, is number three in the United States, and holds a leading position in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa. The Johannus collection encompasses a very broad range of instruments varying from small, affordable organs for private homes to enormous, custom made organs for churches, cathedrals and concert halls, sold under the name Monarke. In addition, Johannus designs and builds hybrid organ concepts, optimally combining the qualities of an existing pipe organ with a digital organ.

Johannus is world-famous for the renowned sound quality of its instruments. This arises partly from its own research and ongoing technological innovation, and partly from the philosophy that the digital organ should reflect the sound of a pipe organ as closely as possible. At Johannus, a Trumpet always sounds like a Trumpet, and a Principal is always a Principal. Johannus, like no other, manages to convey the sound of famous pipe organs in its digital organs. This feature makes Johannus a unique proposition across the world.

While Johannus is grounded in a rich European history, the company has always been proud to be a leader in innovation. Time and time again the organ builder has proven itself capable of making optimal use of the technological possibilities to best favor the quality of its organs. Innovation is in Johannus’ DNA. It was, for instance, the first company to use side speakers in home organs and e-paper technology to display stop names.

Flexibility in execution is a core value that gives shape to the entire breadth of Johannus’ organ range. Even with the standard models, customers can choose their favorite color or type of wood, the kind of pedal, and add or replace a stop. If the customer is looking for something really special, Johannus offers a custom design solution in its Monarke range for homes, churches and concert halls.