Custom Series

Totally bespoke instruments from Makin Organs with the customer choosing everything from the number of manuals, stops, octave couplers, console type and even the exact samples to use. We have provided a few examples, but can easily build whatever size of instrument you require with additional stops typically costing just a few hundred pounds. These organs use the top of the range Custom technology which includes MultiSamples where each note of each stop has an individual pipe sample taken from an English pipe organ.

Our Tonal Director Professor Ian Tracey organist Titulaire from Liverpool Cathedral voices all custom organs on site.

Through the years from our origins with the John Compton organ business, Makin has always strived to deliver the best in terms of both sound and leading edge technology to a very discerning audience of organists, schooled in the English style of organ building.

This great tradition continues today with our Custom range of instruments. Designed and built by organists for organists, these instruments are at the pinnacle of the pipeless organ world with a sound and build quality that simply can’t be beaten, yet at a price that is affordable. We never compromise on sound so rather like a pipe organ which has a separate pipe for every note, we have a separate ‘sample’ for every single note of every single stop. This is why Makin organs are so authentic and indeed so sort after. 

Through the years we have developed many new features with associated benefits, including for example a realistic swell box where on closing the box, the upper frequencies are lost first just like in a pipe organ. What’s more Makin has no artificial limitations in its system so octave and suboctave couplers and features such as ‘Great & Pedal Combinations coupled’ come as standard on our instruments. An organist used to an English pipe organ will immediately feel at home.

As a customer of one of our custom built instruments you will have an unbelievable number of options to consider, including choice of colour and finish, motorised drawstop or illuminated tab control, the number and type of manuals and speaking stops, even the placement of the speaker system and minutiae of console design.


Expect nothing but the best with advanced features that come as standard.

Sound and Amplification
We provide a single English intonation using realtime live Multisamples with one sample for each note of every stop with a minimum twenty-three channels of amplification (20.3) for use with use with nine external speakers bringing unsurpassed realism of the true pipe organ sound.

Our consoles are made from slow grown real oak and real oak veneer, available in many colours. They feature sixty-one note high quality tracker touch acrylic based keyboards (with wood core keyboards optional) and a full size thirty-two note AGO pedal board with all pedals made from solid wood. Our swell pedals are user definable. Out sturdy organ benches come complete with music storage space and optionally are height adjustable. The final detailed touch is that our music desks have brass clips to hold your copy.

Pistons & Toe Studs
The organ comes with a full set of traditional English divisional and general pistons and toe studs with two hundred and fifty piston memories with key lock. In addition, there is a thumb piston for each interdivisional coupler and toe studs for Sw-Gt and Gt-Ped.

Other Functions
Many other functions are controlled by a large control screen with easy to use menu system for including a graphical depiction of Swell pedal position, Overall volume control, Selection of Temperaments, Tuning control Transposition and Reverberation and much more. MIDI, auxiliary in/out sockets and headphone jack are all provided.

Finally, all our instruments come with a Manual bass function to help reluctant organists.