Imagine 235

Presenting the Imagine Series, born from a passion for the authentic pipe organ sound, and blending state-of-the-art technology and exceptional craftsmanship to deliver a world-class organ playing experience. The Imagine Series 235 delivers the most stunning sounds available in digital organs along with the ability to connect to wind-blown pipes, all in a beautiful 2-manual instrument. The organ has a total of 217 voices spread across 4 unique organ styles: American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque. On top of that, the organ features 28 premium orchestral voices. With 35 main stops, and the additional 99 Voice Palette™ stops, the Imagine 235 allows the organist to discover new possibilities.

The Rodgers Voice PaletteTM system is a user-friendly, real-time selection of main and alternate organ stops that vastly increases the number of tonal colors available to the organist.

The Imagine Series 235 comes equipped with four distinct Voice PaletteTM organ styles per stop control: American Eclectic (engraved on the stop tabs), English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque.

Organists are free to explore their imagination and create a custom stoplist, selecting any of the 134 Voice PaletteTM stops in real-time, without being restricted to only one organ style.

The Imagine Series real-time stop and voice selection is not limited to the Voice PaletteTM system. It also extends to the Organ Stop Library and Orchestral Library, offering an astonishing versatility of pipe stops and orchestral voices.



The Imagine Series feature an experience like no other with a state-of-the-art, multi-color, high-resolution LCD screen. This sophisticated LCD screen offers crisp, easy to read letters and images, and vivid colors. Its user-friendly controls allow for effortless navigation, while the selectable woodgrain background seamlessly blends in
with the organ’s console.


The configurable audio systems of the Imagine Series are highly adaptable. The organ can play through headphones, a premium 2.1 internal audio system, 2 satellite speakers, or through an expanded external audio system. The external audio is expandable up to 12 external audio channels.

Special audio mapping configurations provide exceptional audio flexibility to fill any building design and acoustic.


DIRECT STREAMING TECHNOLOGY Direct Streaming is the height of technology for digital organs. It enables the organ to store long- looped samples of highly regarded Aeolian-Skinner and European pipe organs. These high-resolution samples truly capture the essence and unique characteristics of each individual pipe.

Over our long history of providing the highest- quality pipe and digital organ sounds, we have recorded countless iconic pipe organs using state-of-the-art equipment. Recordings of thousands of beautiful pipes are stored in all Imagine Series organs, and instantly available at your fingertips.

Each pipe organ is recorded key by key, stop by stop – resulting in an immense amount of data. Our engineering team developed a way to process all this data instantly. As a result of this, the organ starts up in seconds and all voices of the instrument are available in real time.

Our extensive processing and robust memory eliminate the need for borrowed stops and stop extensions. Our Direct Streaming technology includes high-tech, low power consumption, and miniaturized components all on industry level hardware. This, along with our quality-built consoles, ensures a long life for our instruments and for your investment.