Inspire 227 & 233

Rodgers is proud to present the next generation of home and church organs from our Inspire Series. Born from the dream of enhancing spiritual experiences at churches all over the world… Born from the dream of homes lled with exquisite musical sounds… Born from the dream of bringing this experience within reach of anyone… All created because we believe in that dream.

The Rodgers Inspire Series 227 and 233 organs are designed for those who believe in dreams.

All the most inspiring music has lasted through the centuries, and we continue to play and enjoy the works of some of the most gifted composers in history to this day. These influential figures continue to inspire us, to never stop making music.

The Rodgers Inspire Series 227 and 233 organs were born from our belief in the power of inspiration. They combine the best in American tradition and the American future: a traditional pipe organ sound meets modern innovation for a spiritual experience like no other.

The Rodgers Inspire Series 227 and 233 bring this intense spiritual experience within reach of all organists, both at home and in church.

Improved Real-Time Flexibility

One of the main innovations introduced by Rodgers is the voice palette system. The organs in the Inspire Series are equipped with a standard stop list and also feature three alternative styles or sample banks. The standard stop list – American Eclectic – is shown on the organs’ tab stops. The other available styles are English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque. In addition, a Variant Library has been added with extra voices, which the player is free to select. These four styles and the Variant Library include only the highest quality pipe organ sounds.

Create Your Own Stop List

While you are free to activate the entire stop list of one of these styles, the Inspire Series also allows you to combine voices from various styles. For example, you can select a Principal 8 from the American Eclectic style, a Prestant 4 from the French Romantic style, a Fifteenth 2 from the English Cathedral style, and Mixtur IV from the German Baroque style. You can combine all these styles to create your own unique stop list.

Artistic Freedom

Sitting at the keyboards of the Inspire Series you give the music your own personal signature. We believe that inspiration can really only run wild once you are given free rein, and that’s ultimately why the Inspire Series was designed. Get Inspired.